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The Airline Operators’ Cargo Committee – AOCC

Collaboration in the Cargo Community

Funding and Membership

The AOCC is non-profit organisation run by its members for the benefit of all stakeholders in the UK air cargo transportation industry.  There are two classes of membership:

Full membership:

An annual subscription payment allows full membership.  Full membership carries voting rights in the AOCC policy decision-making process. 

Associate membership:

Associate membership entitles a member to the provision of information services only.  Associate members have no voting rights.

The AOCC is funded by the subscription payments of full members, of which there are about fifty in number.  A current list is shown below.


The fundamental purpose of the AOCC is to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of airline cargo operations in the United Kingdom.  It sets out to achieve this purpose through a process of reviews and evaluations; the provision of advice; and the identification and promotion of good practice.

Scope and Activities

The AOCC’s field of interest encompasses any issue that – actually or potentially – affects the delivery of air cargo services within the UK. 

In order to achieve its stated purpose, the AOCC liaises closely with a range of industry, regulatory and security bodies.  Its primary activities include:

·    Reviewing and evaluating proposals that may impact the efficiency and effectiveness of air cargo services

·    Reporting on operational issues or problem areas
·    Working with industry stakeholders and relevant bodies to improve service delivery
·    Giving advice to relevant stakeholders as appropriate
·    Identifying and promoting good practice
·    Promoting awareness of the AOCC and the role that it plays

Organisation and Structure

The principal forum of the AOCC is its Executive Committee, which is responsible for the strategy and direction of the AOCC, and for its overall management.

The Executive Committee is supported by the following standing forums:

·    Customs sub-committee
·    Security sub-committee
·    Operations & Handling sub-committee
·    Airline Steering committee

Other committees or working groups may be formed from time to time as necessary.

The AOCC statement on Anti Trust

There should be no discussion, either as part of the meeting or informally, of rates, rebates, surcharges, discounts or any other matters relating to rates and pricing. There should also be no discussion of cargo capacity, frequencies, schedules, or the kind of service each carrier provides, as well as costs or the identification of customers, agents or suppliers or the amount or terms of business with them. In short, there should be no discussion of competitively sensitive information, including any subject that might prompt a shipper to select one carrier over another. 

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration with representatives of industry, regulatory and security bodies takes place via the standing forums.  Forum membership, and the topics covered by each forum, may vary over time.  Key representations and areas of interest are illustrated below:  

Forum Key membershipAreas of interest
Customs Sub-committee

· Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC)

· HM Revenue & Customs·        SITPRO


· UK Border Agency (UKBA)


· ISG Aviation Sub Group

· Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) statuses

· European Offices Registered for Imports (EORI)

· Export Control System (ECS)

· Import Control System (ICS)

· CCS21

· PEACH and associated licences

· IAN Act

· Lobbying for the retention of air simplifications throughout Europe with the E.U. Commission

Security Sub-committee

· Metropolitan Police

· Department of Transport

· Home Office


· Communication website

· Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) statuses

· European Offices registered for Imports (EORI)  

Operations & Handling Sub-committee


· British International Freight Association (BIFA)

· LHR airside strategy

· LHR controlled zones

· LHR restricted zones

· Gatepost management

· The LHR cargo tunnel refurbishment

· Best practice

· Landside safety and property maintainance  

Airline Steering Committee· Members of the Cargo Community System for the UK (CCS-UK) group 

· Export Control System (ECS)

· Import Control System (ICS)

· CCS21


Recent Projects

The AOCC has a full portfolio of ongoing projects.  Areas in which it has played an active role in recent months include:

·    The move by UK Customs to a new National Clearance Hub at Salford
·    System specifications for implementation of the new Export and Import Control Systems in 2009
·    Consultations on the need for companies to obtain Approved Economic Operator status
·    Discussions with UK Customs regarding proposed changes to Community Transit Guarantees
·    Operational issues surrounding Heathrow Terminal 5
·    EU proposals affecting the designation of airport Controlled Areas and Restricted Zones
·    Issues connected with airport security
·    A proposed website for use jointly by the cargo community, police and security organisations
·    Issues raised by the Department of Transport concerning pre-employment checks
·    Issues arising from a structural survey of the cargo tunnel at Heathrow
·    Collaboration with BIFA to define best practice in the collection and delivery of freight
·    The feasibility of using fingerprint scanning when collecting freight

The AOCC will continue to play an active role in these areas – and in other areas as and when the need arises.

Looking Ahead

Several initiatives are under way to deepen and widen the role that the AOCC plays in the UK air cargo industry.  Foremost among these are:

·    To extend the reach of the AOCC to those organisations that play an important role in the air cargo industry, but which have hitherto not been involved in AOCC debates. 
·    To provide a consolidated web-based resource for all AOCC members.  The website will provide a range of business-related information to enable members to plan strategic and tactical operations on the basis of up-to-date industry news.
·    To use the website as a single gateway to other industry-related organisations such as BIFA, the Department of Transport, HM Revenue & Customs, the Metropolitan Police, SITPRO and the UK Border Agency.  This will provide AOCC members with an easy means of getting in-depth information on current and future issues.
·    To freeze membership fees over the next year, with the aim of reducing them thereafter.  This, together with improved information and communication facilities, will deliver better value to all members.

These initiatives, coupled with projects in which the AOCC is already active, will strengthen the AOCC’s position as a proactive and influential body in the UK’s air cargo industry.

How to Join

To learn how your organisation can benefit from AOCC activities, contact the AOCC Secretary, John O'Shea at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Current Membership List

The following organisations – primarily airlines, ground handling agents and security companies – currently enjoy the benefits of AOCC membership:

American Airlines Etihad Airways Asendia
Air Canada Eva Air Cargo Brinks Ltd
Air France Heathrow Cargo Handing Chep Aerospace Solutions (UK) Ltd
All Nippon Airways Co Ltd Japan Airlines DHL Global Mail
ASC Cargo Handling Korean Air Cargo Geodis Wilson UK Ltd
Air World Lufthansa Cargo ICTS(UK) Limited
British Airways World Cargo Middle East Airlines Knight Security Ltd
Courier Facilities Ltd Menzies World Cargo Ltd SEGRO
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd Royal Mail Van Swieten Air Cargo
Delta Airlines South African Airways Cargo  
DHL Aviation (UK) Ltd Singapore Airlines Cargo  
DHL Global Forwarding Swissport GB Ltd  
DNATA United Airlines Cargo  
El AL Israel Airlines Ltd Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd  
Emirates WFS  
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