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Cargo collection

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Requirements for the Collection of Cargo From Transit Sheds At UK Airports V2.1







Working Document –May 2004

Original distribution

Colin Young/Bob Alldred


Amended July 2009

Collection Orders – Explanatory notes Page 4 Item 2

Colin Young/Brian Green


The following requirements have been agreed between ACAE (BIFA/ASM) representing the UK Freight Forwarding Community, the AOCCs representing the Transit Shed Operators and representatives of hauliers collecting freight from UK Airports.

1.   All persons collecting Cargo from Transit Sheds at UK Airports must be in possession of Identification and a valid collection order.  Details of the requirements are as shown below.  TSOs will retain sufficient information from the documents presented to ensure an adequate audit trail for the collection of the goods.

2.   In addition to the requirements for identification and collection orders, all persons applying to collect Cargo will be requested to offer their thumbprint to the Transit Shed Operator.   Whilst the provision of a thumbprint will be entirely voluntary, failure to do so could result in delays whilst further ID Checks are made.

 Thumbprints given will be retained as part of the immediate audit trail for the collection of the goods, and, unless required for any specific post collection investigation, destroyed after a reasonable period of time.

3.   The notes numbered 1 to 4 at the end of this requirement paper are included for the purposes of clarification on certain points and should be read as being part of the requirements.



   a) Identity Card   Consisting of the following mandatory items:

                  i.   His/Her company name and logo

                  ii.  His/Her own name and usual signature

                  iii. His/Her photograph

                  iv.  An Expiry Date

                  v.   A Serial Number

     The card must be contained in a heat sealed clear plastic cover.

 b) Collection Order  

 Mandatory   The collection order must be a controlled document within the company and open to audit.   

Mandatory   The collection order must contain the following mandatory information:-

i.              Company name and logo

ii.             A Serial Number

iii.            Clear indication as authority for collection

iv.            The name of the specific person collecting                             

NB ("Hand to Bearer" or similar vague statements not are unacceptable).

                                    v.   Identification of the Transit Shed from which the goods are to be collected

            vi.  Master Airwaybill Numbers

       House Airwaybill Numbers if applicable

       Marks and Numbers of pieces for part collections

       Number of pieces and gross weight for each of the


  vii. Collecting Vehicles Registration

  viii. Signature and printed name of issuing person 

  ix.   Date and time of signature

 Desirable    The following information is considered useful in   protecting the interest of both the Forwarder and the   Transit shed Operator by helping to establish the validity of the document and the bone fides of the person collecting.  It is therefore considered desirable.

                                       i.  The address of the issuing branch

                                      ii.  Marks and numbers for all packages

                                      iii. Transport Company Name            


   a) IDENTITY   One of the following

                        i.  Photographic Company ID Card

                        ii. Passport or Photographic driving licence

                                               iii. Company Cheque Book or Company Credit Card bearing the name of the

                                                 Importer and the person collecting


A collection Order from the Agent as described above and bearing the name of the person collecting.


   a) IDENTITY   Any of the forms of Identity detailed under 2.a. above.


If not collected by the Consignee of the goods a collection order authorising collection is required. 


   a) IDENTITY   One of the following

              i.   Passport

              ii.  Company Identity Card

              iii. Photographic Driving Licence

              iv.  Photographic Identity Card issued by a recognised

                   organisation supported by one of the following:-

                       Non photographic driving licence

                       Cheque book and guarantee card

                       Company cheque book

                       Credit Card

                       Birth Certificate

                       Council Rent Book

                       National Savings Book

                       Building Society Savings Book

                       DHSS Benefits Book

                       Trade Union Membership Card



Whilst the rules for collection of Valuable (and sometimes vulnerable) Cargo may be different for individual TSOs, the following are likely to be the minimum requirements for all TSOs.

      a. Goods Cleared by Agents:-   

The rules outlined under paragraphs 1. and 2. above will apply. 

     b. All other goods:-             

The rules outline under paragraph 4. above will apply.   

Notes to the Documentary Requirements for Collection of Freight

1.           Airport Authority ID Cards.     Notwithstanding the requirements for Date of Expiry on ID Cards presented as identity, an identity card issued by an Airport Authority (e.g. Heathrow Airport Ltd, Gatwick Airport Ltd) is an acceptable means of identification for all types of collection. 

2.           Collection Orders   Hand-written information on Collection Orders is acceptable.   Serial Numbers may be the Forwarders Reference.    Photocopy/Carbon Copy/Fax Collection Orders are not acceptable. Hauliers using their own Collection Orders when collecting on behalf of agents should adhere to the notes on page 2 under 1.B entitled Collection Order. Additionally the Haulier Collection Order must be accompanied by an e mail from the agent that authorises the haulier to collect on their behalf. 

3. Amendments to Collection Order

Prior to Presentation at the Transit Shed   Collection orders where information has been altered are not acceptable.   Collection orders with consignments deleted from them will be acceptable.

Collection orders presented to the Transit Shed containing altered or incorrect information will be retained by the Transit Shed for audit purposes. 

After Presentation at the Transit Shed   Additional consignments may be added to collection orders after presentation provided the Forwarder contacts the Transit Shed Operator by phone and follows this up with a facsimile which details the particulars of the original collection order including (Serial Number etc) and provides all of the information for consignment/s to be added to the Collection Order as would be required if a new collection order were issued. 

In the event that a driver is to be replaced after the presentation of a collection order to the Transit Shed Operator and prior to the collection of the freight from the door, then the original driver and the substitute driver must attend at the public counter and produce their identities in order that the amended information can be added to the collection order and advised to the warehouse door.    

In the event that a vehicle is to be changed after the presentation of a collection order to the Transit Shed Operator then the original driver must attend at the public counter and identify himself in order that the amended information can be added to the collection order and advised to the warehouse door staff.  

4.   Right to refuse Delivery   The requirements as clarified by the above Notes are at all times considered to be the minimum required by Transit Shed Operators for the delivery of Consignments of Cargo to Persons applying to collect them.   Transit Shed Operators reserve the right not to deliver Consignments if they are unsatisfied with the bone fides of either, the documents, the person applying for the goods, or the vehicle. 

It is to the benefit of all parties that Cargo is only delivered to persons with a legitimate right to it.   Therefore it should be borne in mind that the purpose of the requirements as clarified by the above notes is to protect the interests of the Importer, his Import Agent, the collecting transport company, the Transit Shed Operator and the Airline.

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